July 31, 2016 by Jeroen Arnoldus

Sign a kext in Xcode8 for macOS Sierra 12


Sign a kext in Xcode8 for macOS Sierra 12

This post provides a solution in case you changed the Code Signing Identity fields in Xcode8 and see this error: "osx-pl2303 has conflicting provisioning settings. osx-pl2303 is automatically provisioned, but code signing identity Developer ID Application: BJA Electronics () has been manually specified. Set the code signing identity value to "Mac Developer" in the build settings editor, or switch to manual provisioning in the target editor."

This error occurs when the provisioning profile is automatic, which cannot be changed in the Kext project panels of Xcode8 and the Mac Developer identity has not been selected.

The solution for this error is:

  • Close the project
  • Open the contents of the project file (in my case osx-pl2303.pbxproj)
  • Open the file project.pbxproj in a editor
  • Search for ProvisioningStyle and set it to: ProvisioningStyle = Manual;
  • Open again your project, you can now freely select Code Signing Identities