BounCA PKI - Personal Key Management

Protect your Data, Protect your Communication, Protect your Business, BounCA!

BounCA as a Service:

Main repo is hosted at Gitlab:


Create a PKI, sign and revoke server and client X.509 v3 SSL certificates. Setting up a trusted encrypted communication network with your peers is a matter of minutes with BounCA. BounCA lets you secure your web applications and OpenVPN connections without passwords, and secure access to your private cloud services with your own HTTPS scheme. Setting up a provisioning service for your Internet of Things devices was never so easy.

Your Own Certificate Authority

Use cases:

  • Trusted encrypted communication with your peers (man-in-the-middle attack prevention)
  • Secure your internal REST micro-services and internal API’s
  • Client-certificate based login for web services, web applications and OpenVPN connections
  • Secure S/MIME-based encrypted e-mail
  • Secure access to your private cloud services with your own HTTPS scheme
  • Secure your Internet of Things (IoT) network with your certificates and provision them via the BounCA API


  • No single point of failure: Decoupled and decentralized authentication management
  • You are in control of your complete trust chain: Spoofing nearly impossible as no third party is involved
  • Rocket fast authentication: SSL off-loading can be performed by your webservers


  • Create and manage your own root certificates and certificate authorities
  • Create intermediate certificates for grouping of certificates
  • Create server side certificates for setting up trusted and encrypted connections
  • Create client side certificates for authentication and authorization
  • Support for advanced v3 certificates containing subject alt names
  • Revoke certificates within one mouse click and download Certificate Revoke Lists (CRL)
  • Download certificates, keys, and keystore packages for your webserver and installation
  • Protect your certificates via passphrases
  • Evaluate your certificates via the info button
  • Use the API to automate certificate provisioning

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