Mac USB Serial

Started in 2006 as an open source project to enable Atmel AVR programming for OS X, helping thousands of users. We now offer well maintained drivers for the CP2102, CH341 and PL2303 chips.

The drivers are built on years of driver programming experience and customer feedback.

Instead of making you looking for tweaks and workarounds, it simply does the right thing.

Reliable data transfer, and no garbage data, so programming Arduino’s, AVRs, ESP8266 just works Officially signed kexts, so it is not necessary to make your macOS insecure via boot-args

Our driver helps you to connect your equipment

You will find USB to Serial chips in car tuning tools, routers, coffee machines, gps trackers, measurement tools, audio effects and so on.

We preloaded our drivers with over 150 personalities to make your device plug’n’play.

To name a few supported brands: iKross, JBtek, Prolific, TRENDnet, NooElec, SMAKN, DROK, Sabrent, Waveshare, IOData, XIE, Winchiphead, KEDSUM, HiLetgo, XIE, PWOW, Kangnice, ZCL, JBTek and Silicon Labs

Full implementation of the CH-340, CH-341, PL2303, CP2102 chips

Still owning old equipment, working on 7-bit, having Cisco routers depending on the break-signal, or use the handshake lines to control some relays. Our drivers support it.

We offer rich RS-232 feature support:

  • Baudrates up to 230400
  • Data bits (5, 6, 7, 8)
  • Stop bits (1, 2)
  • Hardware handshaking (CTS/DSR)
  • Software handshaking (XON/XOFF)
  • Handshake line control (CTS, DTR, RI, DCD, DSR)
  • Odd, even parity settings
  • Sending break signal

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